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Category: WWE Royal Rumble PPV Results

Carlito. Elias eliminates Carlito. Elias goes to work on Edge now. Ricochet takes over on Elias in the corner. Nakamura with big strikes to Ziggler. Nakamura drops Ziggler on his head. The #14 entrant is Damian Priest from NXT.

Priest hits the ring and fights off Elias, hitting him with the Reckoning. Priest levels Ricochet now, then poses and yells out to the crowd. Morrison rocks Priest but Priest drops him with kicks. Priest keeps beating Morrison up. Priest eliminates Elias. We see Orton being tended to back in the trainer’s room. He is still technically in the match. Edge and Priest trade big shots now. The #15 entrant is The Miz as Edge and Priest collide with clotheslines.

Miz goes over and uses his Money In the Bank briefcase to smash up Bad Bunny’s DJ setup. Miz hits the ring and drops Big E with a Skull Crushing Finale to save Morrison. They double team Ricochet now, then hit him with a double DDT. Ziggler congratulates them but they double team him next. Bad Bunny comes down the ramp and he’s not happy. Miz and Morrison invite him in the ring but referees stop him. Bunny is furious. Priest takes advantage and eliminates Miz and Morrison off the distraction by Bunny. Bunny goes to the top and leaps off, taking Miz and Morrison down on the floor as Priest cheers him on.

The #16 entrant is Riddle as Bunny makes his exit. Fans chant “Bro!” as Riddle hits the ring and kicks off his flip flops. Priest attacks Riddle and they go at it. Riddle levels Priest with a forearm in the corner, then brawls with Nakamura. Riddle nails a kick and catches a kick, then fights Nakamura off into the crowded corner. Priest drops Nakamura. Riddle kicks Nakamura. Priest decks Riddle. The #17 entrant is Daniel Bryan to a big pop.

Bryan comes out and leads a “yes!” chant on his way to the ring. Bryan with a running kick to Nakamura in the corner, then to Priest. Ricochet catches Bryan but Bryan fights out and kicks him. Ricochet and Bryan trade shots. Ricochet flips into an impressive German. Priest almost dumps Edge but Edge hangs on. Big E levels Ziggler with a clothesline. Edge fights Priest off now. Riddle works on Nakamura in a corner. The #18 entrant is Kane making his return.

Kane hits the ring and drops Ricochet. Kane chokeslams Edge, then takes out Riddle and Nakamura. Ziggler leaps off the top but Kane grabs him and eliminates him. Kane chokeslams Ricochet to eliminate him next. Bryan calls Kane and offers a big hug in the middle of the ring. Kane grabs him for a big chokeslam instead. Priest gets in Kane’s face and taunts him. Priest fights off a chokeslam and they go at it. Priest eliminates Kane. The #19 entrant is King Baron Corbin as Priest fights Riddle off from the corner. Corbin goes after Riddle and then slams Bryan in the middle of the ring. Corbin fights off Nakamura but Nakamura comes back with a flying kick. Nakamura shows off some and goes for Kinshasa but it’s blocked. Corbin with Deep Six to Nakamura. Corbin eliminates Nakamura to boos.

Otis is out at #20. Otis runs over Corbin and then slams Big E. Otis launches Priest over his head, then the same to Riddle. Otis splashes Priest in the corner. Otis is the only one standing now. He delivers the Caterpillar to Priest. Otis goes up to the second rope but Corbin knocks him out. Otis has been eliminated. Bryan attacks Corbin and unloads with Yes Kicks in the corner. The #21 entrant is Dominik Mysterio. Dominik hits the ring but Corbin slams him hard, then mounts him with right hands. Corbin tries to dump Dominik but he hangs on. Dominik eliminates Corbin, who is seething.

Dominik goes after Big E now. Bryan fights off Riddle. Big E works on dumping Dominik. Priest drops Riddle and slams him by his neck. Priest works on Bryan now. Edge is recovering in a corner by himself. Riddle fights Priest off after Priest drops Bryan. Edge attacks Bryan now. The #22 entrant is WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley levels Riddle and then launches Dominik to eliminate him. Lashley then slams Priest with ease. Lashley eliminates Priest.

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