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 Posted by: Debbers
 Date: September 2nd 2022
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Be sure to watch this interview with one third of The Judgement Day! Damian Priest!

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 Posted by: Krista
 Date: August 13th 2022

WWE superstar Damien Priest enters the Squared Circle Pit to talk about what his favorite metal bands are, how metal gets him through his workouts, his journey in pro wrestling, how he got to WWE, advice from Undertaker & Scott Hall a.k.a. Razor Ramon, his friendship with Bad Bunny, working with HHH and Shawn Michaels and more. Plus I give my thoughts on WWE Fastlane and WrestleMania and everything else in the world of metal.

Catch WWE superstar Damien Priest on Monday Nights on RAW on the USA Network at 8pm eastern.

Source: metalinjection.net

 Posted by: Debbers
 Date: March 23rd 2021
 Categories: Uncategorized

WWE superstar Damian Priest has broken into the mainstream thanks to an alliance with hit Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny.
At Priests’s January 31 WWE Raw debt on Royal Rumble, the popular rapper, after performing his song Booker T, helped Priest eliminate The Miz and John Morrison from the battle royal match. Bunny was ringside again on the February 1 episode of Raw for his new friend’s victory over Miz.
“People who don’t watch wrestling are following and commenting,” Priest tells TV Insider. “They want to know more about me because of my association with him. I’m just enjoying the experience.”
Priest, aka “Archer of Infamy,”also chats about his Raw debut, a dream WrestleMania scenario, whether Bunny will enter the ring, and more.
How far in advance did you know you were moving from the WWE NXT show to Raw? 
Damian Priest: I’d say a few days before the Royal Rumble it was official. Leading up to that, I tried not to think about it — you can get overwhelmed with emotions for something that may not come to pass.

How would you describe your Royal Rumble experience? 
It felt like a blur. I barely remember it and had to watch it back to see what happened. It was so thrilling and exciting. I think the night before the Rumble was when I finally accepted what was happening to me. All these different scenarios came into my head. I can’t remember the last time I was that nervous. Right before I came out and my music hit, I’m shaking. I was a mess. I’m glad I made it to the ring. That vest I had on, I ripped it to pieces because I was so nervous. In the end, it was everything I wanted. I know that sounds cheesy, but I was so happy.
How much of a Bad Bunny fan were you before meeting him? 
People know me as a rock and heavy metal guy, but there are many times on Spotify I’ll put Bad Bunny radio on. I know his music and dig it. I really dig the person, too. We’re so similar. I was raised in the same town [Vega Baja] he was born in [in Puerto Rico]. We come from really tough upbringings. He’s done things his way and doesn’t care what others might say about him. I’m the same way.
He loves wrestling. We hit it off immediately when we met. There was a bond. Not just because we’re both entertainers, but because of heritage and things we like, and our personalities. It’s cool to be around him.

Will he be in a match down the line? 
If he wants to. He’s a pro and a performer. Look at his success — he’s at the top of the Billboard charts in the U.S. with a full Spanish song, it just doesn’t happen all the time. If he wants to get physical and dedicates himself to it, I don’t see why not.
Fans are also talking about the handshake between you and WWE Hall of Famer Edge on Raw. Many compare it to The Undertaker shaking a young John Cena‘s hand, which was seen as an endorsement.
If you watch it back, notice my reaction. I couldn’t even get out a thank you. That was all Edge. I was super appreciative. He didn’t have to do that. I would never compare myself to John Cena and The Undertaker, but I’m sure it felt just as special and humbling for John.
Not all NXT moves to Raw or SmackDown have gone well over the years. How are you feeling about the future?

I knew I was just going to have fun and look at the positive of every situation. I have zero complaints. This worked out better than I could have imagined. We’re all built differently and are going to be used differently.
With you on Raw, a number of possibilities open up heading into WrestleMania. Do you have a dream match or scenario? 
I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to be the face of the brand and company, so I got to work with the top guys. Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton. For me dream matches, Edge has got to be up there. What he has done and been through…to be able to stand across someone like him at WrestleMania. Wow. Of course, you want to be in the main event and win the title. I would love to win the world title at a WrestleMania. That is 100% a goal and dream of mine. That when WrestleMania goes off the air, it’s my hand that gets raised.
WWE Raw, Mondays, 8/7c, USA Network 



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 Posted by: Debbers
 Date: February 8th 2021
 Categories: Uncategorized

“XPAC12360 is back!! @TheRealXPac breaks down #NXTTakeover #WarGames w/ special guest @ArcherOfInfamy, discusses @Sting’s #AEW  appearance & more!”

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 Posted by: Debbers
 Date: December 9th 2020
 Categories: Uncategorized

Damian Priest is set to appear at a celebration, FL Hearts of Reality Event!

You can check out all the info and donate to the link below!

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 Posted by: Krista
 Date: November 22nd 2020
 Categories: News, Uncategorized

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

 Posted by: Krista
 Date: November 3rd 2020
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