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– The Judgment Day is backstage now. Rhea Ripley says they run RAW and they will keep beating everyone up until the others realize that. Finn Balor says Rhea has been beating Dominik Mysterio up so much lately, he’s starting to like it. Balor says as for his dad Rey Mysterio, Balor keeps Rey in his pocket – he shows us his inner suit pocket and it looks like he might have Rey’s name stitched there, maybe not. Balor says Rey is 6-1-mine, and they all laugh at that. Priest says that leaves only one lonely Legend to deal with – Edge. He knows the cheers will be crazy tonight for Edge’s return home, but he says this will be Edge’s last homecoming because he plans to send Edge back into retirement. Priest says all those cheers will turn to terrifying screams from Edge’s friends and family as he meets his Judgement Day. The group shares a laugh to end the segment.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event. Damian Priest is shown backstage warming up now. Back to commercial.

Damian Priest vs. Edge

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Damian Priest makes his way out. Out next comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge to a huge hometown pop. The pyro goes off as Edge rushes to the ring while Priest looks on. Edge takes it all in and looks around as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and the crowd is still going wild for Edge. We see an emotional WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix sitting at ringside, telling Edge she loves him as he wraps up his entrance and Priest stares him down. The bell rings and Edge smiles at Priest. They lock up and Priest takes it to the corner, then mounts Edge but backs off before throwing punches as the referee warns him. Fans boo Priest.

They lock up again as fans chant. Edge tosses Priest through the ropes to the floor, then tells him to stick it. Priest smirks and comes back in. They lock up and Edge applies a headlock. Priest drops Edge with a jumping knee, then plays to the crowd for boos. Edge drops Priest in response to the disrespect, then drops him again, which stuns Priest. Priest charges but Edge side-steps again, then sends him over the top rope to the floor. Edge poses for the crowd as Priest takes his time at ringside.

Graves says this match will be presented with limited commercial interruptions until it’s over. Priest comes back in but Edge grabs him from behind, then blocks a back elbow. Edge slams Priest back into the turnbuckles, then goes to work on the arm. Priest takes advantage of the referee warning Edge, stomps on Edge’s foot and decks him in the head as fans boo. Priest launches Edge into the corner and works him over. Priest launches Edge into the corner but he slides under the rope, and makes Priest comes back after him. Edge with mind games before dropping Priest at ringside. Edge plays to the crowd for more cheers now.

Edge scoops Priest and drops him on top of the barrier with a stiff powerbomb. Priest is down on his back while Edge returns to the ring to break the count. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Edge controls most of the match during the break, hitting a baseball slide to send Priest into the barrier. Priest rocks Edge at ringside and uses the ring post and turnbuckles bar to bend Edge’s neck back. Priest also launches Edge into the barrier and stomps on him to keep him down. Priest brings Edge back in and launches him with a big suplex for a 2 count. Priest goes to the top and leaps off as we return from the break, but Edge moves and Priest lands hard. They collide with clotheslines and then big boots, and both go down in the middle of the ring.

More back and forth in the ring now. Edge sends Priest to the floor, then flies from the top to take Priest back down on the floor. Fans chant “holy shit!” now. Priest ends up sending Edge’s head back into the middle rope. Priest then sends Edge flying through the announce table with a big Razor’s Edge at ringside. Edge is laid out in the table debris as we go to another picture-in-picture break.

Priest keeps control and eventually brings Edge back into the ring. Priest works Edge over in the middle of the ring but Edge counters for a close 2 count. Priest comes right back with a big clothesline. Priest mounts Edge with right hands in the middle of the ring now. They end up on the middle turnbuckle now. Edge climbs up for the superplex but hits a big hurricanrana instead, launching Priest across the ring for a pop. Edge gets rocked with a big kick, then Priest drops him with the Unprettier to shock the crowd. Edge kicks out just in time.

Edge and Priest trade big strikes on their feet now. Edge drops Priest out of nowhere with the Impaler DDT but Edge is unable to make a full cover so Priest kicks out at 2. We see how Phoenix had trouble watching some of the punishment to her husband earlier. Priest drops Edge face-down with The Reckoning now. Priest stands tall to boos. Priest goes for a big Spear but Edge drops him with his own move, South of Heaven. Priest kicks out at 2. Referee Charles Robinson goes down and tumbles out to the floor. Priest follows up with South of Heaven to Edge. Priest goes out and brings in two steel chairs now as fans boo. Edge dodges a Con-Chair-To as Edge rolls out. Priest is hit with his own chair. Edge comes back in and breaks the lower bar off the chair, then uses it to tighten a Crossface submission on Priest.

Edge breaks it and now waits in the corner. Edge charges for the Spear but Priest hits him in the head with the bar from the chair. The referee slowly rolls back in and counts but Edge kicks out at 2 for a big pop. Priest screams out in frustration. Edge blocks out of the Razor’s Edge and comes back with a huge Canadian Destroyer for a big pop. Edge comes right back with a Spear for the pin to win.

Winner: Edge

– After the match, the crowd pops big time for Edge as his music hits. However, the music quickly stops as Edge rings a chair and stands over Priest with it. Before he can swing the chair down on Priest, Rhea Ripley runs in and drops Edge with a low blow. Finn Balor then appears and comes off the top with a Coup de Grace to Edge as the boos pick up. They go to use the chair on Edge but Beth grabs it from Balor, yanking it to the floor. Beth comes in with the chair and faces off with The Judgment Day, smacking the mat with the chair as fans cheer her on. Ripley and Balor are dragging Priest out by his arm, while staring down Beth. She stares back as they pull Priest to the floor. Fans chant “do it!” but The Judgment Day has escaped. Beth tends to her husband while Balor, Ripley and Priest stand tall at ringside, laughing at Beth. RAW goes off the air.

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 Posted by: Krista
 Date: August 23rd 2022
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