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The Mysterios vs. Judgment Day

Rey and Dominik Mysterio took on Finn Balor and Damian Priest in a No Disqualification match. Rhea Ripley was there to support Judgment Day. For some reason, this was still worked with tags in and out instead of being a wild tornado-style match. It made you forget about the No DQ stipulation at times. This bout had the kind of spots you would expect with three high-flyers and a powerhouse, so it was a fun romp even if the way it was structured didn’t make much sense. Once they stopped caring about tags, they were able to make this more interesting. Edge returned in the middle of the match and took out Balor and Priest, helping the Mysterios score the win in the process. Most of the match was fine, but it felt like Judgment Day needed this win more than the Mysterios. The feud with Edge could have been set up after it was over.

Winners: The Mysterios by pinfall

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