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United States Championship: Damian Priest Vs Kevin Owens

Owens attempts a Stunner right off the bat but Priest shoves him away. Priest punches him in the corner but KO turns it around and chops him. Owens blocks a kick but eats a handful of right hands. Owens drops under Priest and connects with a back elbow, then a senton for a two-count. Owens stomps Priest in the corner and runs at him but gets grabbed. Owens eats a kick and rolls outside.

Priest looks to dive out but Owens runs away. Priest goes out and blocks a superkick, then runs him into the barricade. Priest gets him back into the ring but Owens superkicks him as he attempts to get in the ring. Owens goes to the apron and looks for a tope off the apron but Priest gets his knees up. Priest grabs Owens and chokeslams him onto the apron as we head to the break.

Back live and Priest is back in control of Owens. Priest gets Owens on the top rope but KO catches him with a torando DDT. Owens goes right back up top and lands a frog splash for a near-fall. Owens is agitated and waits for Damian to get up so he can superkick him. Owens wants a pop-up powerbomb but Priest avoids it, then catches him with a flapjack.

Priest drops Owens and once again he starts feigning an injury and rolls to the apron. Priest goes after him but Owens snaps him on the ropes. Owens gets back in and rolls him up for a near-fall. Owens looks for a Stunner but Priest shoves him off and hits a big clothesline. Priest gets mad and beats Owens down in the corner until the referee pulls him back. He does it again and gets disqualified.

Winner Via Disqualification: Kevin Owens

 Posted by: Jane
 Date: January 25th 2022
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