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Reggie and Dana Brooke are backstage with Edge and Beth Phoenix. Edge says Reggie can do things he can’t even wrap his mind around. Reggie asks if he has a chance tonight against Omos and Edge laughs and says “Hell no” but wishes him luck. Beth congratulates Dana on her title run and she thanks her. Edge and Beth then run into Damian Priest, who says it’s great to see them and that he sometimes feels a little edgy.

Priest says he wants to ask Edge for pointers on winning the Rumble, to which Edge tells him a lot of it is about cardio. Phoenix gets handed a note from Maryse that requests she meet her in the ring, just the two of them. Edge says that’s not happening and they leave together. Kevin Owens approaches Damian Priest and says he’s looking forward to their match tonight. Priest isn’t buying it and Owens says he’s looking forward to a good clean match, the vicious side of Priest shouldn’t come out. Owens says he has an announcement and leaves.

Damian Priest comes out and he says the two of them are delusional idiots. No one on the planet thinks Seth can beat Roman Reigns, and Owens is just a liar. He warns KO not to wake Damian.

Damian Priest Vs Kevin Owens
Priest starts out on the attack but Owens gets him down with a rear chinlock. Priest fights up but eats some chops and a kick to the face but that just makes him mad. Priest connects with a heel kick and runs at Owens but he bails from the ring. Priest goes after him and jumps off the steps but eats a superkick. Owens hits a frog splash off the apron as we head to the break.

Back in the ring and Priest is landing a flurry of strikes on Owens in the ring. A flapjack from Priest is followed by a splash in the corner and a falcon arrow for a near-fall. Priest puts KO on the top rope but Owens knocks him down and lands a Swanton Bomb for a near-fall. Owens wants a Stunner but Priest counters, then KO shoots him into the ropes and hits a pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall.

Priest connects with a kick to the head, then lands South of Heaven for another near-fall. Owens says he’s hurt his leg and collapses when Priest tries to whip him to the corner. The referee calls for a trainer to check on him and Owens says his hamstring is gone. Priest comes to check on him but Owens hits the Stunner and wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens

 Posted by: Jane
 Date: January 18th 2022
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