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Damian Priest cut a promo backstage in which he said last year he debuted in the Royal Rumble and showed the world what he’s all about. So how does he top that? By winning the whole damn thing and going to WrestleMania to become a World Champion as well.

The Street Profits join Priest backstage and he reminds them that it’s every man for himself at the Rumble, but tonight he’s glad they have his back. The Profits say they got him in the city of brotherly love, then ask if he’s going to partake in the solo cup party? Priest says of course he will and asks if they’re down to give the Dirty Dawgs a final beat down? Of course they are.

Damian Priest & The Street Profits Vs The Dirty Dawgs & Apollo Crews

Montez Ford starts with Ziggler and gets beat around the ring until he avoids a splash and tags Priest. Damian runs wild over Ziggler and htis him with a flapjack, then Roode runs in and eats a few shots and a leg lariat. Priest knocks Apollo off the apron, then splashes both Roode and Ziggler in the corners. Roode prevents a suplex to Ziggler but then the Profits come in and drop him with dropkicks. Priest clotheslines Dolph and he rolls out so the others can pose.

We return in time to see Apollo hit Ford with a military press. Dolph tags in and dropkicks Ford, then grabs a headlock. Ziggler attempts a Fameasser but Ford catches him in mid-air and hits a powerbomb! Dawkins and Roode tag in and Angelo knocks Apollo off the apron, then drops Bobby with a spinning elbow. Apollo runs in and gets caught with an exploder suplex.

Dawkins splashes Roode, then htis a spinning neckbreaker for a two-count. Priest knocks Apollo from the ring with a kick to the head, then goes out after him. Commander Azeez distracts Priest, allowing Apollo to drop him, then Ford dives over the ropes onto both of them. Roode makes a blind-tag to Ziggler while Dawkins catches Roode with a spinebuster. Ziggler hits a Zig-Zag for the win.

Winners: The Dirty Dawgs & Apollo Crews

 Posted by: Jane
 Date: January 11th 2022
 Categories: WWE RAW, WWE RAW Results
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