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We go back to the ring and out comes John Morrison for the premiere episode of Moist TV. We see how Damian Priest got the win over Morrison last week, then made The Miz stand up and prove he didn’t need a wheelchair before running off. Morrison watches the replay in the ring and he’s not happy. The Miz will be Morrison’s guest tonight.

We go back to the ring Morrison is waiting for the premiere episode of Moist TV. He welcomes everyone to the debut of the most moist talk show in WWE. He brings up last week’s moist miracle when Miz got up from his wheelchair and ran away on his legs. Morrison introduces Miz and out he comes to mostly boos.

Miz introduces himself as the first Moist TV guest and then gets a “Moist TV” chant going. Morrison asks Miz if he was pretending to be injured. Miz goes on about how he’s never lied to Morrison. The music interrupts and out comes Priest to a pop. Priest taunts Miz for being a liar as he enters the ring. Priest says he likes “moist see” TV better than Miz’s “must see” TV. Priest tries to stir the pot between Miz and Morrison, asking why Miz had Morrison wheel him around for weeks. Priest mentions how he will win the WWE United States Title from Sheamus at SummerSlam. Miz rants about how he’s never been injured and is the most durable WWE Superstar in history. Miz finally admits he was cleared a few weeks ago. This comes as a surprise to Morrison. Miz says he’s still not 100%. Priest says it looked like he was 100% last week. They go on back & forth on the mic and Miz tells Morrison how Priest is just trying to spin things like they do on Miz TV. Morrison proposes Miz vs. Priest for tonight. Priest likes this idea but Miz doesn’t. Miz pleads with Morrison as a “yes!” chant breaks out. Priest ends up shoving Miz down into a kid’s pool full of water and rubber ducks. Miz seethes as we go to commercial and get ready for the match.

The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Back from the break and The Miz is yelling at the referee,a bout being injured, how he’s not dressed to compete, how he doesn’t want to have his return match in a crap town like this. The music hits and out comes WWE United States Champion Sheamus. He taunts Priest and joins the announcers for commentary.

The bell rings and Miz immediately goes to the floor as fans boo. He has some words with Sheamus. Priest comes from behind and rocks him, then brings him in the ring. Priest stops and stares Sheamus down, then goes to work on Miz in the ring. Miz fights back and drops Priest over the top rope. Miz mounts some offense on Priest while wearing his loafers now. Miz with kicks while Priest is on his knees. Priest dodges a kick and rocks Miz.

Miz ends up trying to get the Drip Stick but John Morrison won’t give it to him. Miz isn’t happy as Morrison walks away to the back. Miz turns around to Priest dropping him with a big right hand. Priest mocks Sheamus and waits for Miz to recover. Priest hits Miz with a Brogue Kick for the pin to win.

Winner: Damian Priest

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Source: WrestlingHeadlines.com

 Posted by: Jane
 Date: August 17th 2021
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