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Archive for January 2021

Damian Priest vs. Karrion Kross

We go right to the ring as Damian Priest makes his way out for the opener. Out next comes Karrion Kross with Scarlett for another unique entrance. They stop on the stage and Scarlett heads to the ring by herself. The ring is filled with smoke. Scarlett does her “fall and pray” chants before things explode and now Kross is in the ring with her. Scarlett continues dancing around Kross before posing down in front of him as the smoke rolls around the ring and the crowd cheers them on. This match is set to air with no commercials.

The bell rings and they lock up. Kross takes it to the ropes but Priest keeps locked and brings them tumbling to the floor. They’re still locked up, slamming each other into the Plexiglas barrier, and then too the apron as the referee warns them. Priest breaks and stand up in the ring as Kross looks on from ringside. Kross comes in and blocks several kicks. Priest blocks a kick and then lands one. Kross charges in but Priest works him over in the corner. More back and forth now. Kross catches a kick and goes for a slam. Priest resists but Kross dumps him on the mat.

Kross keeps control with clotheslines from corner to corner. Kross tosses Priest with ease once again out of the corner, dumping him on his head. Kross with a 2 count. Kross grounds Priest with a knee to the back as Scarlett talks him up. Kross dumps Priest over the top rope in front of the announcers. Kross follows and sends Priest at the steel steps and ring post. Kross grabs half of the steps but Priest kicks him and he drops them. Kross stays on Priest and rolls him back in.

Kross follows and grabs Priest by his hair, then clubs him in the ribs a few times. Kross toys Priest some. Priest smiles in his face but gets rocked again. Priest is talking trash and playing mind games while Kross chases him around the ring with strikes. Priest with a big kick and a charging right hand to daze Kross. They trade big rights now.Priest unloads and dodges a clothesline. Priest with a Bell Clap and a Flatliner in the middle of the ring.

Priest with a running leaping elbow into the corner. Kross counters a suplex as his ribs go out. Priest with strikes. Priest goes on and levels Kross with a clothesline. Priest barely hits a Broken Arrow and Kross kicks out at 2 as fans try to rally.

Kross ducks a big kick but can’t hit the Doomsday Saito suplex. More back and forth now. Priest with knee strikes to the face. Priest with a takedown, sending Kross face-first into the mat. Priest takes Kross back down and applies a scissors on the arm. Kross gets free and unloads with elbow strikes to the ribs while Priest is down. Priest blocks Kross and nails a forearm. Kross rocks him back. They trade big kicks now. Priest unloads with kicks and punches. Kross does the same right back. Priest with several kicks. Priest with a springboard senton from the middle rope. Priest misses in the corner, allowing Kross to run the ropes and hit a big clothesline for 2.

Kross stomps on Priest’s hand, then his foot. Kross scoops Priest and turns him upside down in the corner with a Tree of Woe. Kross kicks at Priest while he’s upside down. Kross exposes his knee and charges, nailing the running knee to the ribs while Priest is upside down. Fans boo. Kross takes Priest to the top for a back superplex, calling for the finish. Kross tries for the super Doomsday Saito but fans rally for Priest and he hangs on. Priest gets to the apron, then kicks Kross in the face. Priest takes Kross from the corner for a Razor’s Edge but Kross hangs on to the turnbuckles. Priest keeps trying and nails the Razor’s Edge from the corner.

Priest is slow to roll over and capitalize but he finally does for a close 2 count. Priest can’t believe it. They’re both slow to get back up now. Kross stands up on the apron. They trade big right hands now. Priest kicks and grabs Kross by the throat. Kross fights him off. Kross comes back through the ropes but Priest kicks him in the head. Kross goes to the floor to regroup. Priest runs the ropes and flies over the top, taking Kross down on the floor.

Fans chant “NXT!” as Priest brings it back in the ring. Priest goes to the top for a super spinning heel kick. Priest waits for Kross and hits the South of Heaven in the middle of the ring. Kross still kicks out just in time. Priest goes for The Reckoning but Kross counters and tosses him across the ring overhead. Kross with a running thrust in the corner. Kross with a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring for another close 2 count.

They end up on the floor and Priest connects with big kicks to the face. Priest leaps with a kick but Kross catches him and drives him into the lighting rig at ringside. Kross then slams Priest on top of the steel steps base. Kross brings it back in the ring and smiles while looking down at Priest. Some fans boo.

Kross stares Priest down as Priest gets up and says he’s still standing, bitch. Kross nails a big roundhouse kick to the head, then dumps Priest with the Doomsday Saito. Priest gets up dazed but Kross charges with a huge running forearm strike to the back of the head, dropping Priest once again. Kross covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Karrion Kross

– After the match, Scarlett hits the ring to pose with Kross as their music starts up. We go to replays. Priest is still down trying to recover. Kross carries Scarlett and they pose to end the segment.

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Source: PWMania.com

 Posted by: Krista
 Date: January 7th 2021