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– The “Takeover: WarGames 2020” go-home show kicks off with Vic Joseph welcoming us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett, and remotely by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. We go right to the ring where Damian Priest is waiting.

Damian Priest and Leon Ruff vs. Legado del Fantasma

Damian Priest wraps up his entrance as Johnny Gargano taunts him from the announce table. Out next comes Priest’s partner, NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff. Ruff will defend against Priest and Gargano in a Triple Threat on Sunday at Takeover. We see video from earlier today where Priest was interrupted backstage by Legado del Fantasma, which saw him take out Joaquin Wilde. Priest is replacing Curt Stallion in this match after Stallion was attacked earlier today by Legado del Fantasma. Out next comes Legado del Fantasma – Raul Mendoza and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar with Wilde.

Escobar starts off with Ruff and they trade holds and counters. Escobar tags in Mendoza. Ruff uses his speed to get the upperhand and drop Mendoza for a 2 count. Mendoza turns it around and tags in Escobar. Ruff tries to fight Escobar off but Escobar drops him with a big knee, sending him into the corner. Priest tags in and taunts Escobar. Escobar smirks and tags in Mendoza.

Mendoza ducks a clothesline and goes behind Priest with a hold. Priest easily turns it around and sends him into the corner but misses and hits the turnbuckles. More back and forth now. Priest with a big back elbow to level Mendoza. Priest goes to the floor and drops Mendoza face-first onto the edge of the apron. Priest rocks Mendoza with a right hand and then slams him back into the steel barrier. Priest breaks the count and goes back to the floor to work Mendoza over. Mendoza tries to counter but Priest drops him at ringside.

We see the masked person wearing the Scream mask in the crowd. Priest rolls Mendoza back in and approaches the Scream mask wearer. Escobar tags in but Priest doesn’t notice it. Escobar flies out and levels Priest on the floor. Escobar smiles and looks down at Priest as we go to picture-in-picture commercial. Escobar brings Priest back in and holds him down while Mendoza tags in to take over.

Back from the break and Escobar tags back out after keeping control of Priest. Mendoza tags in and charges into the corner. Mendoza with more offense before tagging in Escobar for more of the same. Escobar with a suplex in the middle of the ring for a 2 count, and another. Escobar talks some trash and kicks Priest while he’s down. Escobar focuses on the leg now. Mendoza comes back in and keeps Priest down, focusing on his leg after Escobar weakened him.

Mendoza with right hands now. He charges but Priest catches him with a big Flapjack. Ruff tags in and unloads on Escobar and Mendoza. Ruff goes back to work on Escobar but didn’t see Mendoza was tagged in. He level Escobar and covers but Mendoza attacks from behind. Ruff escapes Mendoza’s assault and in comes Priest again. Priest unloads on Mendoza and hits another big Flapjack. Escobar runs in but Priest ends up knocking him out with a stiff forearm. Priest readies in the corner and leaps across the ring to splash Mendoza in the corner. Priest knocks Escobar off the apron to the floor.

Mendoza kicks Priest in the head from the apron. Mendoza leaps off the top but gets rocked in the jaw on the way down. Priest goes to hit The Reckoning on Mendoza but Ruff tags himself in. Priest isn’t thrilled. Priest drops Mendoza with The Reckoning. Ruff follows up with a big Frogsplash off the top rope for the pin to win.

Winners: Leon Ruff and Damian Priest

– After the match, Priest and Ruff stand tall as the music hits. Priest stares Ruff down as Ruff grabs his title. We go to replays. Priest has some words for Ruff and Gargano. Gargano is standing up at the announce table now, running his mouth. We see two people standing behind him in the crowd, wearing the Scream mask.

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Source: PWMania.com

 Posted by: Krista
 Date: December 3rd 2020
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