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NXT North American Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff

We go right to the ring as Alicia Taylor introduces new NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff. We get a video package on his big upset win over Johnny Gargano last week. The video is interrupted by Gargano coming out and yelling for the video to be stopped. Gargano says no one wants to see the video, and everyone knows last week was a fluke. Gargano says Ruff is just a pawn in Damian Priest’s plot against Gargano. Fans chant “Johnny sucks!” but he disagrees. Gargano enters the ring and tells Ruff to look at himself. He calls Ruff a failure, not a real champion, and a joke. Gargano says the joke ends tonight and the title will come home to him. Gargano drops Ruff with a cheap shot.

Ruff backs into the corner and the referee checks on him. The bell hits and here we go. Gargano immediately rams Ruff back into the corner with thrusts.

Gargano keeps control and takes it back to the corner for big chops. Ruff fights back from the corner and unloads with lefts and rights. Gargano cuts him off but runs into a big boot in the corner. Ruff springboards in and avoids counter attempts. Gargano catches him but Ruff avoids a back suplex. Ruff uses his speed again and kicks Gargano in the face. Ruff with more springboards and a scissors takedown for a pop. Ruff keeps going and dropkicks Gargano to the floor.

Ruff runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Gargano back down on the floor. Ruff brings it back in the ring and goes for the crucifix pin but it’s blocked. Gargano levels Ruff with a clothesline in the middle of the ring. Gargano scoops Ruff and torpedo’s him into the turnbuckles across the ring. Gargano scoops Ruff again and launches him like a lawn dart again. The referee checks on Ruff but he’s staying in. Gargano waits for Ruff to get back up.

Priest suddenly appears on the stage, taunting Gargano. Gargano yells at him to get out of here. Ruff rolls Gargano from behind for a 2 count. Ruff counters an attack and clotheslines Gargano. Ruff goes to the top but misses a big senton as Gargano moves. Gargano superkicks Ruff in the jaw. Gargano with a powerbomb as Priest looks on concerned. Gargano hits the One Final Beat DDT from the apron but Priest makes the save by pulling Ruff out of the ring. Priest tells Ruff, “Sorry, kid,” and then rocks him in the face with a big right hand. Ruff is knocked out at ringside now. The referee calls the match and Ruff retains.

Winner by DQ: Leon Ruff

– After the bell, Gargano is expecting to be handed the title but it doesn’t happen. Priest helps Ruff up at ringside, handing him the title. Gargano is stunned and throwing a fit in the ring as Priest helps Ruff up the ramp.

NXT General Manager William Regal is backstage with Damian Priest, asking him what he was thinking when he punched Leon Ruff to end the match with Johnny Gargano. Priest says he was just joking around and having too much fun, but he understands that this is serious business. He asks Regal if he really blames him because this is Gargano after all. Ruff walks up and asks Priest if he’s a joke to Priest. He goes on and Priest says Ruff is getting too carried away. Ruff says if he can’t retain, he shouldn’t be champion. He asks Regal if he wants to take the title back and his contract. Regal says no. Priest apologizes some and Ruff smacks him in the face out of nowhere. Ruff walks off and says he will find Gargano himself. Regal tells Priest that’s what he gets. Priest looks on at Ruff as we go to commercial.We see Damian Priest walking backstage. Back to commercial.

We see Damian Priest walking backstage. Back to commercial.

We go back to the ring and out comes Damian Priest for the next match. Priest is suddenly attacked by Johnny Gargano during his entrance as fans boo.

Gargano unloads on Priest and brings it in the ring. Priest turns it around and beats Gargano up in the corner. Gargano with a big enziguri kick. Priest with stiff kicks of his own, dropping Gargano and sending him out to the floor. Priest drops Gargano at the announce table. Priest takes the announce table top off and throws Gargano onto it. Priest pounds on Gargano while he’s flat on the announce table. Gargano kicks Priest away and leaps off the announce table at him. Priest with a big boot to the jaw. Priest brings Gargano back into the ring and grabs a steel chair. NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff runs into the ring out of nowhere and attacks.

Ruff dropkicks Priest off the apron, then sends Gargano flying into Priest as Priest comes back to the apron. Ruff looks terrified as Priest comes at him in the ring now. Ruff avoids the attack and ends up dropkicking Gargano into Priest again, sending Priest to the floor. Gargano charges but Ruff back-drops him over the top rope, onto Priest at ringside. Ruff yells out and raises the title in the air as he’s all smiles now. Priest and Gargano rush the ring together but Ruff retreats and heads to the stage. Ruff raises the title in the air as his music hits. Priest knocks Gargano out of the ring.

NXT General Manager William Regal catches up with NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff backstage, asking him if he knows what he’s doing. Ruff says he does know what he’s doing, and he’ll fight both Damian Priest and William Regal.

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Source: PWMania.com

 Posted by: Krista
 Date: November 19th 2020
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